Panorama Magazine
The trusted Travel & Leisure reference for Indonesian Traveler

PANORAMA is a Bi-monthly travel & leisure magazine, read by Indonesian’s most well traveled people, featuring inspiring destinations to go, updates & news about travel from Hotel, Airlines, Spa, Restaurants until theme parks, plus lifestyle that Indonesian travelers should know.

PANORAMA is published in 2 formats: hard copy (magazine) and digital (e-magazine).


Size  21 (width) x 28 (height) cm
Pages  ± 100 pages
Language  Indonesian
Released   January, March, May, July, September, November
Format   1. Hard Copy (magazine), print run: 55.000 copies
 2. Digital (e-magazine)


Hard Copy

Print Run 55,000 copies
Bookstores and Newsstands 35,000 copies
Panorama Group Customers 10,000 copies
Paid Subscribers  2,000 copies
Promotions  5,000 copies
Others  3,000 copies


Digital Magazine (available in Apple Store and Android Google Play)

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N. Syahrifudin Bayu, Business Development Manager

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Published 3 Issues 6 Issues
Inside Page      
a. 1 page      
b. 2/3 page(vertical)      
c. 1/2 page      
d. 1/3 page      
a. Inside Front Cover Spread      
b. Outside Back Cover      
c. Inside Back Cover      
Creative Ads
a. Advertorial (1 page)      
b. Outside Gate Folded Cover