Wedding Guide
Wedding personal Guide & Directory book for Indonesian Couple

WEDDING GUIDE is the Wedding personal Guide & Directory book for Indonesian Couple, published in every 6 months (twice a year), featuring Indonesia Wedding Trend as well as wedding vendor profiles from wedding dress, photography, decoration, merchandise, wedding venue until hotel/resorts for honeymoon.

WEDDING GUIDE published in 2 formats: hard copy (magazine) and digital (e-magazine)


Size    18 (width) x 20.5 (height) cm
Pages    ± 200 pages
Language    Indonesian
Released    1st: January, 2nd: June
Format     1. Hard copy (magazine), print run: 60.000 copies  
 2. Digital (e-magazine)


Hard Copy (magazine)

Print Run    60.000 copies
Grand Wedding Exhibition    15.000 copies 
Newsstands & Bookstores    40.000 copies
Venue; salon, cafe, spa, etc      5.000 copies


Digital Magazine (available in Apple Store and Android Google Play)

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N. Syahrifudin Bayu, Business Development Manager